Accessing the Brazos Cluster

Stakeholders in the Brazos Cluster may request accounts for all members of their research group or the class they are teaching for the current semester. Stakeholders will be allocated a percentage of node-hours based on their financial contribution to the cluster and will received preferred access to their percentage of the compute nodes.

The cluster also has a common pool of resources available for stakeholders as well as guest users.

All account requests will be reviewed by the cluster administrators.

Users will access the Brazos cluster using SSH. Clients for all platforms are available at All local accounts will be authenticated using the TAMU NetID and password.

Brazos cluster accounts must be renewed at the beginning of each school year (September 1). An e-mail will be sent to all users requesting an acknowledgement of their desire to continue to use the cluster as well as requesting a brief update of their research. Failure to renew an account will result in the account being closed and the data being destroyed.

All users of the Brazos Cluster must read and accept the Acceptable Use Policies.

New accounts can be requested using the Brazos Account Registration Application (You will be redirected to