Accounts, Login, File Transfer

Login Access

Accounts can be requested by completing an online application form. As a reminder, it is a violation of Brazos cluster policies, Texas A&M University Regulations, and Texas State Law to share your account with anyone.

Logins will be handled by the cluster's login nodes, accessible using via SSH version 2. The hostname uses DNS Round-Robin to distribute logins across multiple systems. You will need a current SSH client. All of the newer flavors of Linux and MacOS X ship with SSH. On these simply type,


For other Unix systems OpenSSH is available for from For Windows, please use the latest version of PuTTY.

SSH access is only permitted from the United States and a small list of other western countries. If you need to login to the cluster from another country, you will need to connect to TAMU VPN first.

No e-mail will be stored on the cluster. The e-mail address that you supply when requesting an account will be used to forward all e-mail sent to your cluster username.

File Transfers

The recommended method for transferring files to and from Brazos is Globus Online

File uploads and downloads can be accomplished with scp and sftp. There are various graphical file transfer clients available for all platforms.


Your password for the Brazos cluster will be your TAMU NetID's password.

SSH Keys

SSH key login access is currently disabled.