Brazos Cluster Storage


Each user will have a home directory under the /home filesystem. Each user will have a /home/username directory created when their account is opened. This directory is available on the login node as well as all the other nodes in the cluster. Users will be given a 10GB quota on the /home filesystem. This space is for relatively long-term storage of programs and other files used in preparing programs and scripts and submitting/managing batch jobs. It will be backed up weekly. We strongly urge you to keep a separate backup of your home directory.

Note: I/O intensive jobs executing on the compute nodes should refrain from using the /home file system, but should instead use the file systems such as /fdata, or the compute node's local /tmp. Any compute node job doing extensive I/O to the /home file system will be subject to being killed by the sys-admin team on behalf of the user community.


240TB of shared storage is available to all users under the /fdata directory. Users will have a /fdata/scratch/username directory created when their account is opened. This space is for intermediate term file storage and is not backed up.

The /fdata file system is our highest performance storage we strongly recommend the use of /fdata for file intensive application. Jobs will perform best if they read and write data from your /fdata/scratch.

The environment variable $SCRATCH points to a user's specific scratch space located under /fdata/scratch.

There are two normative styles of use of /fdata:

We do monitor the use of /fdata, and we will enforce storage restrictions on a per user basis if the need arises.


About 50GB of storage per node is available to every user under the /tmp directory. The storage is node specific and not accessible from other nodes. This space is for transient file storage and needs to be cleared at the end of each job. The advantage of using the /tmp file system is that this resource is dedicated to the node and not shared with other users or jobs.

Every job is created an environment variable in SLURM of $TMPDIR that points to a directory in /tmp specific to that job.

/data - Decommissioned May 9, 2014

Note: The contents of /data have been migrated to /fdata/scratch. Files under /data/username now exist under /fdata/scratch/username/migrated where username represents your Brazos login username. The /data filesystem will be taken offline at noon on May 9, 2014.