Acceptable Use of the Brazos Cluster

If any policy has provisions with which you do not agree, please notify the administrators describing your concerns/suggestions. Absent such notice, it is assumed you have reviewed, understood, and fully agree to conform to, all prevailing published policies governing the use of this system.


The computing facilities provided by the Brazos Cluster are for the use of the stakeholders who purchased the cluster, their postdocs, staff, visitors, and students. It is also available for other persons affiliated with Texas A&M University, as well as persons affiliated with specific Virtual Organizations within the Open Science Grid. Persons at other TAMU System campuses are welcome to apply for an account.

The cluster is not to be used for non-academic purposes nor for personal gain (profit). It is expected that all users will make use of these computing resources in a manner which is ethical, legal, and not contrary to the interests of others.


Failure to abide by the policies described below and in related documents may result in denial of access to computing facilities, disciplinary action, or criminal prosecution.

You may disagree with one or more of these policies, publicly or privately, in accordance with your First Amendment rights, but you may not violate any of these policies for any reason or purpose.