Using MrBayes

MrBayes has been installed on Brazos and compiled against the GCC compiler and the Intel compiler.

See the Modules Available on Brazos for information on the currently available versions.

One of following commands can be used to load the mrbayes module:

module load gcc openmpi  mrbayes

module load intel openmpi  mrbayes

Each module typically has two binaries available:

For detailed information about the mrbayes module execute module help mrbayes/3.2.2 where the desired version is substituted for 3.2.2.

By default the OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable is set to 1. The command export OMP_NUM_THREADS=8 is an example of setting the number of threads to 8. Ensure your batch script requests enough CPUs for the OMP_NUM_THREADS value (for example SLURM's --cpus-per-task option).

Documentation for MrBayes is available from MrBayes' site .