Using NetCDF

The NetCDF library is available on the Brazos cluster. Currently, only NetCDF-3.6.3 is provided. Netcdf-3.6.3 has been compiled with both the PGI and Gnu compilers.

To use NetCDF, load one of the netcdf modules:
module load netcdf/3.6.3/gcc/64
module load netcdf/3.6.3/pgi/7.2/64

Note that netcdf/pgi will require loading one of the PGI compiler modules to satisfy dependencies.

To include the NetCDF header files compile your source with:

To link with the single-threaded library add the following to your linker command line:

In your batch script include the following so that the netcdf environment is loaded:
module load netcdf

To see the currently available netcdf versions type:
module avail netcdf

Documentation for netcdf is available at the Unidata NetCDF website.